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Unlike shielding material, EMI Absorbers are electrically non-conductive and safe to be applied on a PCB without short-circuiting. It can blanket the noise source to attenuate the EMI RF emission or to protect the sensitive IC's from other noise source to ensure their proper performance. While shielding material tries to confine the EMI noise from leaving the enclosure to satisfy FCC regulations, the EMI RF, confined within the enclosure (standing wave), will sometimes affect the performance of othe critical IC circuitry. EMI absorbers attenuate the RF by changing it into heat energy which discipates in an instant. With EMI absorbers, magnetic metal particles are suspended in an elastomer, such as epoxy or silicone, sometimes in a startegic array. Some are designed to be wide-range frequency absorbers, high frequency absorbers, or low frequency absorbers to suit the need. Combination of type of magnetic metal particles, their size, density, and thickness of the aborder can determine the effectiveness and frequency range. Some are designed to be most effective at a specific frequency. For details, please click here for technical data.
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