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Our RFI/EMI shielding tents are made of heavy-duty conductive fabric in 3 layers (metallized fabric + conductive adhesive + metallized fabric) and have over 50 dB attenuation at 14.4 MHz to 10 GHz. It is easily erected using our metal frame (option), and folds into a small pack to be stored away when not in use. Unlike expensive shielding rooms, the tent is portable and can be transfered from location to location in a storage bag.
Standard tent comes with closed bottom, but it can be made without the bottom, so that tent can be erected over a portion of the production line so that RFI/EMI testing can be performed on the product without removing equipment attached (the area should have conductive flooring. This saves thousands of dollars in engineers' time, crating, and tranporting to and from a test site, and reconnecting production equipment. Our tent door has metal zipper with each tooth grounded for increased shielding effectiveness.
Standard tent comes with one A/C inlet (sleeve) and one conductive zipper door of standard size. Options such as RFI/EMI shielding honey-comb ventilation, A/C power line filter, RFI shielded data ports, internal lighting, and RFI/EMI shielding windows are available.
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Custom sizes 
Custom doors 
A/C power line filter
EMI filtered data ports 
EMI shielded ventilation (honey-comb design) 
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Storage bag

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EMI shielded ventilation
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